"What's a V.A., and why do I need one?"

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

This is one of the most popular questions that we receive from professionals and entrepreneurs . Today, we want to answer it for you. This two-minute read could save you hours of time each day!

Independent, additional support

A virtual assistant is an independent administration professional who works with business owners and professionals to manage day-to-day business tasks and coordinate logistics, usually around scheduling, accounting, communications, or more.

Do you need a V.A.?

If you have more work than hours in the day to do them, you probably need a virtual assistant. If you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur without an assistant, you could probably use the support of a V.A. If you are a leader in your company and you find yourself spending a great deal of hours handling administrative tasks instead of important duties, you probably could use a V.A. to lighten your workload and help you focus on what matters. If you know that certain business tasks would greatly improve your revenue or branding (such as consistent social media, email presence, etc), you may need a V.A. to assist with implementing those project.

What makes Quintessential Executives different from other companies?

Besides our experience working with both Fortune 500 companies and start-up entrepreneurs (and everything in between), we have a few distinct differences that our clients benefit from. QExecs uses a primary/secondary VA system. You'll always have one main V.A. working on your account, but in the event of his/her absence, a secondary V.A., who has been trained on your account from the beginning will step right in. In addition, we are always accessible, even on weekends and holidays, and you don't have to spend your valuable time or resources training us, because we'll handle any training we need on our own time. For more of our differentiators, visit the About page.

Need additional support?

If you need V.A. support, schedule a consultation or secure your V.A hours on the V.A Plans page. We look forward to becoming a quintessential part of your team!

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